How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month?

I never saw myself residing in Dubai. In truth, I had only ever been on holiday to the United Arab Emirates once before. Yet once I was formally let go from my work in London, I made the risky decision to relocate to Dubai. I’m so happy I did! I was able to land a terrific work at a reputable company a month after moving here. In this essay, I’ll provide my own personal case study, which will give you a thorough explanation of How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month.

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How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month?

How I Found a Job in Dubai

For a while, I had been considering moving to Dubai, and I was aware that getting a job there would be my first goal. I began my hunt by conducting some online research and came across a few websites like that were beneficial to me. Also, I researched other businesses that I was considering working for and compiled a list of them.

The following step was to start contacting these businesses with my resume. Using the websites I had already discovered, I also submitted a couple of job applications online. I booked some interviews and got back from a few businesses within a few weeks.

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One of the companies I had applied to made me an offer after the interview process went smoothly. Just as I had planned, everything came to pass in a month! I’ll now outline the exact steps I took to do my study and identify trustworthy businesses.

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During my unemployment, a buddy informed me about several work opportunities in Dubai. After doing some investigation, I discovered that the business was reliable and that the pay was competitive. Within a week of submitting my application for the job, I received a call for an interview.

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The majority of my jobs were discovered via online job advertising. Yes, the two websites I found to be most useful were and LinkedIn. I took care to specifically address the experience and talents that were pertinent to each job advertisement in my resume.

Being proactive is essential, too. I began going to networking events and meeting individuals in my industry as soon as I got to Dubai. In order to meet other working professionals in Dubai, I also joined a few networking groups. I was able to find out about employment openings through these relationships, and I eventually got an interview.

Never hesitate to promote oneself. While speaking with potential employers in Dubai, it’s crucial to project confidence and assertiveness. Throughout my cover letter, CV, and in interviews, I made sure to emphasize my skills and expertise. Keep trying, but be patient. I looked for the ideal career opportunity for one or two weeks before I found it.

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Consequently, don’t underestimate the power of networking if you’re looking for a job in Dubai. Get out there and start networking; it could be the difference between success and failure in your job quest.


I was able to locate work in Dubai after applying for and looking for positions for several weeks. I gained a lot of knowledge from the experience, including the value of networking, patience, and optimism. It wasn’t always simple, but I was fortunate enough to land a job within a month of looking. There were times when I considered giving up, but I’m happy I persisted. I learned through the experience how important networking, online job boards, patience, and maintaining an optimistic attitude are. If you’re considering looking for a job in Dubai, or anywhere else for that matter, keep these points in mind and you’ll be sure to find success.

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