Complete Guide on Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai

Job seekers frequently encounter difficulties when trying to obtain employment in a location like Dubai. The inability to comprehend the local labour market is one of the key causes of this. Many newcomers are unfamiliar with how the labour market operates here, which prevents them from finding positions that fit their qualifications and expertise.

Lack of a solid network is another factor in why people struggle to get employment. Having a solid network of contacts who can assist you get your foot in the door is crucial for success in this city. It’s crucial to make sure you are linked with the correct individuals because career chances are frequently discovered through word-of-mouth and personal contacts.

Although there are numerous ways to make money online in Dubai without investing any money, in this post we will give our readers the explanations for why they are unable to secure employment. We are confident that you will discover well-paying employment in Dubai without a college degree as a result! Check out the Top 10 Reasons Why Individuals Can’t Get Employment in Dubai by reading on!

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Complete Guide on Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai

Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai

1. Trying to Get Hired from Outside The UAE:

One of the key causes is that job seekers frequently aren’t UAE citizens and lack a valid work visa. You must stay in the UAE on a visit visa if you want to increase your chances of being employed from outside the UAE. This will let you meet with and interview with possible employers without worrying about your visa situation. It’s also crucial to remember that the sort of resident status you have been given must match the type of work visa you are seeking for. If you currently have a visit visa, for instance, you must apply for a work visa that is compatible with visit visas. It’s possible that there are other work visa options that are more typical in the UAE. Changing your job status once you start working in the UAE might also be challenging.

2. Wrong Time Choose to Visit Dubai:

The months of April (Ramadan), May (Eid Al-Fitr), June, July (Eid Al-Adha), and December (Christmas/New Year) may not be ideal if you’re seeking work in Dubai. That’s because hiring in the city is most active during these months, and there is a lot of competition for positions. Also, there are fewer job fairs and recruitment activities happening this month. So, it is recommended to avoid traveling during these months if your goal is to get employment in Dubai. So when would be the ideal time to travel here if you were looking for jobs in Dubai? You’ll have a greater chance of finding employment if you travel between October and November, which are traditionally the slowest months for recruiting. There are no guarantees when it comes to obtaining employment, so it’s a good idea to constantly be ready with your résumé and networking abilities to get employment and live in Dubai.

3. Lack of Research: 

A thorough understanding of the industry you want to work in is more crucial than ever in today’s job market. Regrettably, a lot of job seekers don’t spend the time learning about the open roles and the talents that are in demand in the Dubai job market. They are unaware of the open positions, the in-demand skills, the salary ranges, or even the cultural differences. They are also ignorant about the available roles and the in-demand talents. This might lead to frustration and feelings of discouragement when job looking in Dubai.

4. Not Understanding the Culture:

Due to the city’s diversity of cultures, job searchers in Dubai should familiarise themselves with it before beginning their hunt. Many job searchers make the error of believing that all employers in Dubai are seeking Westerners. That is not the situation. Numerous Emirati employers are looking for candidates who can understand and appreciate their culture. Job seekers are less likely to get hired if they don’t take the effort to learn about and appreciate Emirati culture.

5. Unfocused Boring Resume/CV:

The majority of job searchers are aware of how crucial a CV is. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that one of the main reasons they don’t get their desired job is because of an unfocused, dull CV. Make sure your CV is targeted and interesting because it frequently serves as the first impression you give to a potential employer. A common error is to merely state your education and employment history without giving any context or justification for why you’re the ideal person for the position. Spend the effort to tailor your CV to each position you apply for to prevent this. Emphasize your relevant expertise and talents while giving specific examples of how you contributed to success in past positions. Employers will regard you as a well-rounded applicant who is capable of achieving much more than just the bare minimum if you do this.

6. Job Seekers Are Unaware of the Power of Social Media:

The majority of job searchers are unaware of social media’s influence. You may use social media effectively to aid in your job search. Yet, having a LinkedIn profile and posting boilerplate job hunt messages on Facebook are insufficient. Make sure you are using social media efficiently because it is part of your online identity. Customize and search engine-optimize your LinkedIn profile first. Give your Facebook and Twitter profiles a facelift by adding relevant, up-to-date content. Don’t overlook Google+ also, which is a resource that job hunters are using more and more.

7. Inadequate Networking:

Most job seekers in Dubai fail to land a position because they lack networking skills. One of the most crucial things you can do when looking for a job is the network, but so many individuals don’t do it correctly. There are a few causes for networking failure. First, they are unsure of whom to speak with. Second, they fear being rejected. Third, they are unsure of how to follow up following a new encounter. Hence, if you’re trying to find a job in Dubai, be sure to spend time networking with the appropriate people. Attend conferences, meet-ups, and events in your sector. Get your name out there and establish connections with mentors and future jobs. You can only do it if you want to improve your chances of getting your ideal job.

8. Applying for the Wrong Jobs:

One of the most common blunders job seekers undertake is applying for incorrect positions. It can be a waste of time and effort to submit your application for positions that are not a suitable fit. Candidates for jobs should be familiar with the requirements of each position they apply for. Understanding the type of business, you want to work for is also crucial. You don’t want to waste time applying for positions you aren’t qualified for or don’t find interesting.

9. Not Being Realistic in Terms of Salary Expectations:

Because they have unrealistic expectations of their pay, job applicants frequently struggle to get employment in Dubai. Many people believe that they may request a wage that is much more than necessary and that businesses will automatically accept it. This is not the case, though. Employers want to hire people who are willing to work for a fair wage rather than those who are trying to take advantage of the system. You must be realistic about your earning potential if you wish to work in Dubai. If not, you’ll probably become dissatisfied and jobless.

10. Become Victims of Recruitment Agencies:

Many visitors to Dubai lack knowledge of the local labor market and wind up working for a recruitment firm. The issue with recruitment firms is that they frequently care less about finding a good job for the candidate and more about finding a job for their commission. This may result in hiring people for positions that are not a suitable fit for their qualifications and expertise. Also, a lot of employment firms are not well-versed in the regional labor market and might not be able to offer candidates the right advice. Because of this, a lot of individuals that utilize recruitment services wind up falling victim to fraud or other illegal actions.

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